Having our production center in brescia has never prevented us from thinking globally. Our company consists of a virtuous circle of collaborators. At the center of it all, is our headquarters where product ideas are born, researched, developed, and communicated to our trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and assemblers. Then, the products are tested and certified in state-of-the-art laboratories by lighting specialists whose feedback we hold in high regard. Our company is at the center of this virtuous circle but surrounded by a vast number of colleagues that help us to continue thriving.

What happens outside of the warehouse? Shipping products through international logistics centers would certainly have its advantages but would also makes things a bit less personal for our customers. We wish to devote all of our care and attention to our customers and therefore personally manage shipments for each individual. In addition, we are proud to say that our products are assembled locally with a timely flow of goods and a reliable supply chain. All of our hard work has been rewarded with strong customer and dealer relationships. Our customers and dealers who know that they can always count on us to be present, informative, and honest.

Brand culture allows the company to implement strong values that serve as a guideline for its staff and collaborators. Having this type of guideline, and good management to reinforce it, makes it possible to conduct business operations effectively, making the brand both unique and consistent. For more than four decades the badinelli family has built a solid brand culture around the original values of the francesconi company. Their core values are centered around hard work, care for the product and respect for people (both customers and collaborators).

we like to think that everything we do has an effect on global well-being. it is therefore necessary to take both internal and external sustainability issues seriously. we are committed to making our supply chain sustainable, having the lowest environmental impact possible. our headquarters in roncadelle, in the province of brescia, has made a lot of investments regarding this cause. we have reconstructed roofing through innovative thermal break solutions, designed a photovoltaic system to bring thermal efficiency to a maximum level, and significantly reduced co2 emissions. externally, the supply chain utilizes environmentally friendly suppliers with systems designed to minimize the impact on the environment. the internal production cycle has been totally restructured so that even individual workstations have been equipped with tools to minimize energy consumption. the materials used - from production to packaging - take into account all criteria necessary to keep our environmental impact levels to a minimum.