our project planning is as precise as our logistics process. in the research and development department, we carefully analyze the needs of the market in order to fulfill what it requires. the company’s brainstorming process continues to evolve thanks to mechanical engineering knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, and the fact that we give great importance to the prototyping phase. each francesconi product is the result of numerous experiments and refinements; a process that ensures innovative and well-designed devices. finally, it is our strong attention to detail that distinguishes us from our competitors, as we consider the importance of both the reliability and the aesthetic result of the final product.


unlike other light fixture manufacturers, we conduct intense heat tests on our products, exposing them to temperatures ranging from 35°- 50°c, in order to trial them in real-life conditions to ensure their reliability.

weather and pressure fatigue can put at risk even the best products, but we we want you to sleep soundly: all products addressed to heavy labour are pre-wired with a xdry system that will stop any annoying water return due to hygroscopic phenomenons thanks to a gel barrier.

due to their small size and aesthetic, many of our fitted products use the ‘plasma glass sealing process’. this innovative process is tested using air pressure, higher than 540mb, in order to confirm the products are properly sealed.

our company produces extremely functional and valuable light fixtures by adding unique details and attributes. our attention to detail is accompanied by the desire to find the precise fit, or the most appropriate aesthetic for a light fixture in a space. reliability, competitiveness, and flexibility are the three main values of the brand; reliability, because each product is carefully tested and created with high quality materials and light sources; competitiveness, for the special attention we pay to market demands; flexibility, for the speed, precision, and punctuality of our responses to the needs of designers.

quality costs money. making great products involves a considerable amount of energy, attention, and finances. we do not believe it is possible to sell products to the market that are not of a high standard. all francesconi products are made with the highest quality materials. they are processed with high precision calibration tools and are then finished with a solid production cycle. our products undergo a die-cast aluminum process to achieve a color finish. this is a chemical pretreatment by immersion, for a total of 12 cycles, that includes degreasing, acid deoxidation and passivation by chromium-free nanostructured fluorozirconic acid. it then receives two separate electrostatic layers of powder coating, both between 50 and 80 microns, and is then finally tested in salt spray according to the uni iso9227: 2012 standards. our products also undergo an aluminum anodization process, that is equal in quality to the die-cast aluminum process. the anodization cycle includes 8 oxide deposition treatments, with a thickness varying between 30 and 40 microns.