The choice of materials is crucial to longevity and performance. At francesconi, choosing the right materials is fundamental.

Resistant, unalterable, durable. Steel is the material of choice for heavy duty appliances that require resistance to corrosive agents and hear exposure. That’s why we use the best quality steel to make sure that the product you have chosen will last.

Aluminum is lightweight and has the ability to resist external agents. This makes aluminum alloy a suitable material for the construction of light fixtures. Whether it is treated by extrusion or die casting, the aluminum used in our products meets the highest quality standards, thanks to the noble composition and accurate transformation processes. We also can’t forget that aluminum is a particularly sustainable material, thanks to the fact that it is recyclable.

Being the final filter between the light source and your eyes, glass serves as a fundamental part of our product design. To safeguard the chromatic accuracy of our leds, we use transparent glass with a low lead content, so that the light fixture we have designed and promised you, is exactly what you expect.

An architectural material of excellence. Concrete has durability even when exposed to bad weather. The portland cement used by francesconi elegantly protects our products, without sacrificing performance.


Indoor and outdoor lighting are gradually becoming more aesthetically similar. The chromatic aspect is no exception and has become, for us at francesconi, a very important design element. Whether it is anodic oxidation, electropolishing or ‘nanodeposition’ of pigmented powders, color is happily integrated into our collections to allow light designers to think not only about what happens beyond the light source, but also around it.