An ever-changing tale we’ve been narrating since 1953 with passion and accuracy. For almost 70 years, we’ve been designing and modeling light with craftsmanship, skill and creativity, matching our expertise with the most advanced mechanical and optical technologies developed by our internal technical department. Since the first lighting concept to its final tests and last finishing touch, every single detail is managed with care and attention in our headquarter in brescia, a proof of our commitment to the world-famous italian-made design system. Lastly, our expertise in architectural lighting is ever growing thanks to the consolidated link between tradition, innovation and our craft culture, tracing our new future routes.

1953 - 1969
Francesconi & c. S.R.L. Started their business by importing bohemian crystal chandeliers and distributing foreign glass products to the italian market. Francesconi js well-known in the interior lighting market for using high-end products and for having high quality standards.
1970 - 1979
After a number of years of commercial experience, the francesconi company became a manufacturer, producing and selling indoor light fixtures made by some of the most prestigious italian designers and architects. As a result, a series of design collections, that are still known today, (such as giova, drive, cuffia and farstar), were created.
1980 - 1999
The year 1980 represents a year of change for francesconi. In 1980, the ownership of the company was transferred to the family that currently runs the business. After the change of ownership, francesconi began producing outdoor lighting. This new endeavor became the company’s focus and it proved to be very successful. Starting from the production of watertight products in thermoplastic material and over time moving to more complex, technical designs, the company made some major investments in human resources, logistics, and production in order to optimize the overall production process. For example, there is now a pre-sales and post-sales support system for designers.
2000 - 2021
The newly added members of the company,(the second generation of the family), and the outdoor products that have been developed in the last twenty years, have become the heart of the business. The passion to continue a successful family business plays an active role in the decision-making process, while professionals from the industry help to manage things at a highly efficient level. Much of the production process takes place in various sites in brescia, while the final phases of production and planning are conducted at the roncadelle location. Iso 9001: 2015 certified.
45°31’50.4”N, 10°09’06.5”E
Our company is located at the coordinates above. we are proudly a part of a professional and cooperative community where we work with people we know and trust. our operations are not outsourced because we believe we can create products and guarantee excellent service by staying true to our company values and procedures.