Since 1953 Made in Italy of the light

Francesconi Architectural Light is a solid company that since 1953 internationally offers modern solutions for technical outdoor lighting. Deep roots in the highest Italian handicraft and long experience in the understanding market design requirements to enter in the landscape of outdoor architectural light and not in tiptoes. In the heart of Northern Italy, in Brescia, district with a strong tradition in metalworking, the technical lighting fixtures of Francesconi Architectural Light are created with productions that are entirely situated in factories on the territory. Therefore Made in Italy 100% becomes a real plus that reaches every corner of the world thanks to a large distribution network and a lot of consolidated partnerships.

From the development of the concept...

Francesconi Architectural Light has an internal team dedicated to technical design of new products. From the study of the optics to the body design, from the development of the performance to optimization of lighting sources: every detail is carefully studied as regards the form and functions. Using software 3D for the modeling and prototyping, the engineering of the Francesconi Architectural Light products is realized totally in the company in order to offer to the market solutions with high performances, sustainable and appealing. the choice of the materials

Since it was born, Francesconi Architectural Light has worked on a precise field to ensure max. quality on its products: the exclusive use of noble materials such as die-cast aluminium with low copper and high resistance against the oxidation, aluminium pure extrusion and 316L stainless steel inox. On request this 316L inox can be supplied also with galvanic electro-polishing treatment, the suitable solution for installation in saline environments. The use of ultra-clear glasses also provides an exceptional diffusion of light, with a perfect emission of the light beams without any alteration.

From painting process...

Each Francesconi Architectural Light product is installed perfectly in any environment, even in the most aggressive conditions. This is possible by a painting process carefully selected to increase the performances of the products equipment in situations particularly difficult.
This process can follow two directions:

  • Standard paint process Pre-painting chemical process of the aluminium through a treatment of free passivation without chrome, cover with Bonderite coating, to grant an high resistance against corrosion; finish colour with polyester powders paints Qualicoat certified to obtain a resistance against saline mist for about 800hours.
  • Special paint process in two phases Pre-painting with epoxy primer for application of protective primer to grant max. protection against the corrosion and more mechanical resistance; finish colour with polyester powders paints Qualicoat certified to obtain a resistance against saline mist for about 1500hours. warranty after the sale

Strong for the philosophy that characterize the company, based on the total quality of each step and phase of production, Francesconi Architectural Light extends of further one year the standard warranty provided by the regulations, to arrive at 3 years.
This decision is a natural consequence of the actions made during these years, including:

  • Choice of the best raw materials;
  • Careful selection of LED and relative drivers of the leading manufacturers;
  • Use water-stop systems to prevent condensation;
  • Use of osmotic valves and protection systems against electric shock due to overvoltages.